International Conference of Sport Nutrition

“Transdisciplinary Research in Physical Therapy, Physical Activities and Sports Nutrition”

3-4 November 2017 / Tirgu Mures, Romania

This type of manifestation combining two important fields, the medical and the sports one, focusing on a new specialization: Nutrition and Dietetics, and Sport Nutrition has been devolved of the academic and public stage of our country, even if it is essential for the development of health and sports performance . We are confident that the interest In the conference theme will be increased on both sides, and it will be just the beginning of a new direction of collaboration and assurance of performance in sport and health.

In order to obtain
a significant increase in the practice of the current and future generations regarding sport science, specialized scientific publications are required. Publications can induce good results in medical and sporting activity. It is certain that sports performance in Romania is in a very general way, on a downward trend, due to loss of multidisciplinary activities that are currently taking place in very few institutions, organizations or sports clubs. The results are visible, the international performance has reached a new level, imposing year after year, new parameters, associated to extraordinary results that exceed the normal physiological capacity of the individual. In fact, the entire training system is compiled on the effort data that is available. These, in turn, are processed and provided to the staff concerned to adapt their activity so that, in the end, all the cumulative factors bring the athlete to a better form.

Virtually, all international performance activity is carried out to such an extent. Every member of the technical team, including the nutritionist, has an important role in sport performance, and it is certain that because of the scientific contribution that will be brought through correct and complete information as a result of such scientific manifestations, the professional activity of all the members involved will increase. This will be fully observable on the activity performed by the athletes, at the highest level, especially assimilating international competitions.

As a result, we are enthusiastic about organizing such an Conference. We assume the responsibility of such an event and we can say with certainty that this activity will open a new gateway in improving the high performance activity.


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Transdisciplinary Research in Physical Therapy, Physical Activities and Sports Nutrition

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