1. Registration

Signing up for this scientific event is done by accessing the registration section. The registration confirmation is done through the uploaded paper validation, its acceptance by the Scientific Committee, and the payment of the participation fee (Payment deadline 24.10.2017).

If the payment is not made, your abstract will not be included in the conference program.

  1. Oral presentation

The paper will be presented in English

It is advisable to be present in hall at the beginning of the scheduled program on that day, or 45 minutes before your presentation.

The maximum length of the presentation period should not exceed 8 minutes.

The ppt (Power Point) presentation must be uploaded to the participant’s account at least 24 hours prior to the scientific action (01.11.2017).

The name of the uploaded document containing your work: oral_Surname_TitleOperation

2.1 Slides

  • Due to the set presentation time, our suggestion is to impose no more than 15 slides.
  • Keep a copy of your presentation on a memory stick.
  • The slides should not be loaded with text, in such situations, please use the charts and figures to detail the work, and less the tables.
  • If you are following a short clip, please make it part of the presentation and do not rely on your internet connection to run it.

3. Technical information

  • The venue will be provided with technical assistance
  • Running presentations will be run through a video projector and a PC system (Windows)
  • Presentations should be PowerPoint Presentation (ppt), or Adobe Reader (PDF) documents.


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